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employment listings forum guidelines

Jennifer Palmer

This forum is for the posting of employment advertisements for museum and heritage positions, and related fields.

I personally forward many ads to this website each morning, as time allows. These adverts come from various places. If your firm has an ad that you do not wish to be posted (i.e. the position is already filled), please e-mail me and include the link to the job at

Adverts are also e-mailed to me to post to this forum. From time to time, the moderators on also forward employment ads to the forum. It is important to note that these are NOT OUR JOBS to offer! We are just passing along the info and are not official representatives of the companies or institutions doing the hiring.

Employers also post employment advertisements directly to the forums. Those who wish to e-mail postings to me can also do so, though I strongly encourage folks to post ads on their own accounts, as occasionally I may be on vacation or otherwise removed from internet access. The fastest way for employers to see their ad go "live" here to to post it under their own account. This also gives employers the opportunity to edit and delete ads at will without having to go through me. For more information on registering and posting, please see the FAQ link above.

In most cases, listings here will expire and be deleted 60 days from their initial posting. 

This forum is NOT for the posting of resumes and cvs. We have an entire forum here devoted solely for that purpose.

The ability to directly reply to job adverts has been disabled. Contact information such as another website address, e-mail, phone, or snail mail address is ALWAYS provided within the employment advertisement. Job seekers should contact the employer directly with questions or to apply for the advertised positions.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about this forum or anything on Please note that will always remain a FREE service.

Thanks, Jennifer

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