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Guidance Editor - TNA UK


Full-time/Fixed Term Appointment until March 2017, with the possibility of extension

Closing Date: Friday 13th November 2015 at midnight

Salary: £25,816 per annum, pro rata

Job Purpose:

Providing guidance is one of The National Archives’ core statutory obligations under the Public Records Act (1958): “Every person shall perform his duties […] under the guidance of the Keeper of Public Records”.

Working across the Information Policy and Services, in collaboration with internal experts across The National Archives’ departments under the supervision of the Guidance Manager, the Guidance Editor has a pivotal role in:
* Updating, creating, maintaining and promoting “core” guidance, ensuring the guidance is consistent, up-to-date and user-led. In particular, the job holder will be responsible for:
- applying best practice editorial processes, and coach or train internal experts on “how to create or update guidance”
- creating or updating guidance in line with the rolling review schedule agreed with the Guidance Manager, ensuring that this guidance is easily accessible and useful to end-users.
* Revisiting the way “bespoke” guidance is currently developed and delivered to ensure it is consistent with the “core” guidance.
* Updating, creating and promoting “ad hoc” guidance in areas of lower priority, in line with end-users needs and available internal resources (e.g., website maintenance).

Reports to: Guidance Manager

Role and Responsibilities:

* Create and update guidance in line with the priorities agreed with the Guidance Manager, liaising with relevant internal experts primarily in the Information Policy and Services Directorate. The job holder will need to ensure that the guidance produced is:

- up-to-date and consistent, in terms of content and format
- factually correct, and written in plain English
- has gone through robust documented editorial processes
* Organise and deliver editorial projects to tight deadlines, negotiating and planning early with internal experts to secure and allocate resources to produce new guidance.
* Coach and train internal experts on how to write accessible guidance, working with them to develop content for use by a wide range of external audiences, in line with editorial best practices.
* Maintaining the Information Management pages of The National Archives’ website and ensuring that old guidance is removed from the website and archived.
* Write, edit and proofread online editorial content using a content management system.
* Ensure that the guidance is communicated to the right audience using the right media channels, liaising with the Training and Engagement Manager and The National Archives’ external communications team.
* Look creatively for continuous improvements in the way the guidance is created and delivered to end-users, ensuring that it is easily accessible and usable. This will include:
- testing guidance with end-users to meet their needs, identifying best practices in other institutions, in the public or private sector

- auditing current guidance based on usage, quality and information needs, using web analytics tools, drawing learnings and improving the content or display of the guidance accordingly.


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